WQ (Winnability Quotient) is PEM psychographics based framework to measure & strategize Winnability of the candidates/parties in difficult elections. WQ is used to analyze and monitor the micro & macro-environmental factors that may have a profound impact on any candidate’s or political organization’s performance. Winnability means the possibility of winning, due to various factors and especially due to their lack of winnability generally political parties avoid such persons as a candidate. While quotient stand for a degree or amount of a specified quality or characteristic.

We analyze the micro & macro environment to find the scopes for candidate / party as well as on same time we analyze our candidate / party potential, resources and segmented public perceptions towards candidate / party. Additionally other economical, technological, caste-religion social and legal factors as they progressively become more important from a political standpoint.


The process of WQ begins with the party / candidate approaching the Polltics WQ team for evaluation. Our experts in analyzing process should be given a free hand and they will collect data and information and will investigate the strength, weaknesses and map political environment in detail.
The Winnability Quotient includes over 100 weighted variables covering all type of political, social and other attributes responsible for any political electoral outcome .